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Here’s another reason to be mad at Edison…


…as if The Oatmeal needed one: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla.

Edison was apparently all for running our engines hot, and allowing quite a few of us to kill ourselves for the sake of winning an ego competition (or for perceived scarcity), as discussed on Mercola.com today:

The Glorification of Sleep Deprivation

According to the 2013 International Bedroom Poll by the National Sleep Foundation,7 25 percent of Americans report having to cut down on sleep due to long workdays. On average, Americans get only 6.5 hours of sleep on weeknights, but report needing 7.25 hours in order to function optimally. As noted in a previous article in The Atlantic:8

“For some, sleep loss is a badge of honor, a sign that they don’t require the eight-hour biological reset that the rest of us softies do. Others feel that keeping up with peers requires sacrifice at the personal level—and at least in the short-term, sleep is an invisible sacrifice.”

Modern man’s penchant for equating sleep with unproductiveness (if not outright laziness) can be traced back to the heyday of Thomas Edison, who was known for working around the clock. According to the featured article:9

“Edison spent considerable amounts of his own and his staff’s energy on in publicizing the idea that success depended in no small part in staying awake to stay ahead of the technological and economic competition.” No one… did more to frame the issue as a simple choice between productive work and unproductive rest …

Over time, children’s books and magazines began to promote this type of Edisonian asceticism… Edison encouraged all Americans to follow his lead, claiming that sleeping eight hours a night was a waste and even harmful. “There is really no reason why men should go to bed at all,” he said in 1914.”

This culture of sleep deprivation started with the invention of the light bulb, and has only gotten worse with the proliferation of light-emitting electronics, which disrupt your natural waking-sleeping cycle. The following infographic, created by BigBrandBeds.co.uk, illustrates how your electronic gadgets wreak havoc on your sleep when used before bedtime.10

Read more at http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/01/17/sleep-deprivation-health-effects.aspx

Bite me, Eddie.  I loves my pillow.  When I’m not staring at my blue screen, that is.*

*With my orange glasses on, and my f.lux™ in play (https://justgetflux.com/)