His two big loves (other than the kids and Christine, of course!): music and motorcycles. Meet Grant Tomkinson, Lookout Cycle and Sound.


Howdy, motorcycle fans of Eastern Ontario!  I’m posting my friend Grant’s business card for him because he doesn’t have internet (check out the e-mail address, and you’ll see what I mean).  If you want motorcycles and/or parts, he has hundreds to choose from, so give him a call!  (between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST is probably best)


Grant Tomkinson, Lookout Cycle and Sound (business card)

Grant Tomkinson, Lookout Cycle and Sound (business card)

Business card text:


BSA • Triumph • Matchless • Norton • Ducati


“Stuck in the Sixties”

Grant Tomkinson, Electric Bassist

R.R. 1, Westmeath, ON  K0J 2L0

(613)  5 8 7 – 4 4 6 9

email:  notv,nopc,nocell.calm

Two doors north of the “Lookout”     Home of “The Rockerfellas”

Bultaco • Honda • Vespa • NSU

Montesa • Jawa • AJS • R.E. • Puch • CZ


And hey, of course you wanna know what the guy looks like, right?  Well, if you can guess where and when this photo was taken, you will need to enter via the side door, and you can have a bunch of free beers from Ambrose (just kidding, Corinne!):

grant melding with the music

Grant melding with the music

I’ve also been meaning to post the lyrics to his song, “Steal the Night”, but I can’t find them at the moment.  Here’s everybody’s favourite line, in the meantime:

“Gotta work to get ahead — “Ahead of what?!” I cry…”

Enjoy the music of the motors……..  😉

2013 11″x17″ printable wall calendar – PDF format

2013 11″x17″ printable wall calendar – PDF format

Hey, everybody, I’m early!  Wanted to get this posted so I could beat the end-of-the-world rush!  😉

If you’ve bin waitin’ for a 2013 11×17 printable wall calendar in PDF format with lots of room for events, well, you’re in the right place.  Copy it to a handy USB stick and take it down the street to someone who can print on 11×17 paper!

One large page per month with lots of room on each day, plus a left-hand column for notes.  I use mine for a permanent diary of sorts, as I’m not disciplined enough to actually *write* in a diary past, say, the first week of January.  Heck, I can’t even write a blog.  See blog for details.  Or not.  🙂

Here’s a preview shot, and the full PDF is at the bottom.

2013 calendar preview image

2013 11×17 printable PDF wall calendar, one month per page

I save mine every year so I can go back and look stuff up, such as first frost, when I planted what, who was visiting, what record temperature we were experiencing on a certain day, when we ate our first or last fresh tomato, or…well, you get it.  Along with all the things people normally use a calendar for.

I can’t handle looking at the world a day or a week at a time, and we have lots of stuff to keep track of, so this is my way of doing it.  I wasn’t able to find exactly what I was looking for, so I created it, and when I first started handing them out a couple of years ago, I discovered that others found them useful, so I posted last year’s, and that got a good response too.

So here you go again.  Happy birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, whatever the occasion, poof! it’s yours.

If you want more info, see last year’s post of December 30.

BlueChef has a LOT of stuff going on that happens way in advance, so to speak, so I’ve been wanting to write on this new calendar for a few months now, but it didn’t exist until tonight, so I imagine you too will be happy that I’ll start working on the 2014 calendar much sooner.  Assuming we need one, in this new world a-comin’.  😉

Any questions, lemme know, and enjoy!

Happy End of Days — see you on the fresh new wonderful other side!

RedChef  xo!

2013 11×17 printable PDF wall calendar

The end of civilization and the extinction of humanity – Guy McPherson’s blog


The end of civilization and the extinction of humanity – Guy McPherson’s blog.


I think this is just about the most wonderful thing I’ve ever read!  Right up there with all my favourite children’s books!

If this guy lived next door, I’d be insisting on marrying him.  Don’t worry, I’d insist that BlueChef marry him too.  🙂  I’ll settle for the long-distance relationship — as he says, I’ll have to anyway…

Read and celebrate!!  Look how many of us there are!  Guy McPherson, MWA!!!!!  You go!!  (Woo hoo, and all that!)

Oh, gosh, how’m I ever going to get to sleep!?  (celebrate, celebrate)

Love to everybody else too,

RedChef  🙂

I think I’ll just be Me today


Yeah, even writing it down feels right.  Who knew?

I mean, Me’s got these semi-lightning-quick fingers to write with, and these alert and observant yet charmingly bleary eyes to see with, and this general body (very general, lately) and mind which I’m very used to (the mind is much prettier, IMHO, but it’s often hard to find things in it, so it all evens out, I guess), and Me has all these cool and helpful experiences that nobody else has had — totally, exactly, I mean — and best of all,

Me makes me laugh!  (Quietly, though, ’cause BlueChef’s still in bed.  I’ll just go outside when she really gets me going.)  She’s hilarious!  And occasionally she makes other people laugh too, which feels great!

Hey, Me.  You’re hired.  No interview.  I already know what you’re gonna say.  Mostly.

Even when nobody else understands, Me does.  Eventually.

Yep.  Sounding more and more like a plan all the time.

Hey, Me.  Welcome.  Feels good, don’t it!?

Hello, Me!  Welcome, welcome!  Here’s a big hug!!!  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Oh, yeah!  See?  Me is great to have around, because she makes me feel good just being herself.  I think I’ll keep her.

Plus she’s cute, too.  Value-added service.  (Whatever that means.)

Love you, Me — and everybody else too!