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His two big loves (other than the kids and Christine, of course!): music and motorcycles. Meet Grant Tomkinson, Lookout Cycle and Sound.


Howdy, motorcycle fans of Eastern Ontario!  I’m posting my friend Grant’s business card for him because he doesn’t have internet (check out the e-mail address, and you’ll see what I mean).  If you want motorcycles and/or parts, he has hundreds to choose from, so give him a call!  (between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST is probably best)


Grant Tomkinson, Lookout Cycle and Sound (business card)

Grant Tomkinson, Lookout Cycle and Sound (business card)

Business card text:


BSA • Triumph • Matchless • Norton • Ducati


“Stuck in the Sixties”

Grant Tomkinson, Electric Bassist

R.R. 1, Westmeath, ON  K0J 2L0

(613)  5 8 7 – 4 4 6 9

email:  notv,nopc,nocell.calm

Two doors north of the “Lookout”     Home of “The Rockerfellas”

Bultaco • Honda • Vespa • NSU

Montesa • Jawa • AJS • R.E. • Puch • CZ


And hey, of course you wanna know what the guy looks like, right?  Well, if you can guess where and when this photo was taken, you will need to enter via the side door, and you can have a bunch of free beers from Ambrose (just kidding, Corinne!):

grant melding with the music

Grant melding with the music

I’ve also been meaning to post the lyrics to his song, “Steal the Night”, but I can’t find them at the moment.  Here’s everybody’s favourite line, in the meantime:

“Gotta work to get ahead — “Ahead of what?!” I cry…”

Enjoy the music of the motors……..  😉