The end of civilization and the extinction of humanity – Guy McPherson’s blog


The end of civilization and the extinction of humanity – Guy McPherson’s blog.


I think this is just about the most wonderful thing I’ve ever read!  Right up there with all my favourite children’s books!

If this guy lived next door, I’d be insisting on marrying him.  Don’t worry, I’d insist that BlueChef marry him too.  🙂  I’ll settle for the long-distance relationship — as he says, I’ll have to anyway…

Read and celebrate!!  Look how many of us there are!  Guy McPherson, MWA!!!!!  You go!!  (Woo hoo, and all that!)

Oh, gosh, how’m I ever going to get to sleep!?  (celebrate, celebrate)

Love to everybody else too,

RedChef  🙂

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    • AHHH!! It’s him!! (throwing underwear) 😉

      I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date… (bunny hopping over to visit)


      Thank you, sir! I will certainly be looking you up again — and before December 21 — wouldn’t want to not see more of you before the Big Unbang!

      I slay me.

      Seriously, though, thanks for the new info. MWA!


      P.S. I was SURE you had put a link in your reply, but it’s gone now. Future readers, go to and be learnèd!

      P.P.S. I found your five-year-old practically-initial post because a friend had sent me a link to an article — don’t even know which one yet — and I wanted to find out what you were about before I read it. When I discover any author whose work I love, I try to start at the beginning. Which I did, and will continue to do. Luckily I’m a fast reader. 😉


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