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Speaking of self-education…


…another graphic whose origin I can’t remember but which I love — so appropriate nowadays:

Finally -- an appropriate caution sign!

My dad, a motor vehicle mechanic, would have loved this — probably would have posted one on everything!

And finally (learn how to log your sources — honestly!), another quote that I found a coupla years ago as a comment on a website, which immediately got copied to a big piece of neon-pink paper for my fridge (whoever you are, I love you too!):

Think for yourself.  Otherwise you have to believe what other people tell you.

My goodness, that’s a good one.

Nighty-night, all, kissy kissy,


Apartment composting…


Can you imagine how big the composter would have to be?  Damn adjectives.  Oopsie.

But also, check this out, that I just found moments ago.  This should be not just computer wallpaper, but WALL wallpaper, at everyone’s house (found at; please lemme know if it’s not okay to post):

Is life good?  flowchart

Awesome simple program for humans to run — on themselves!

Happy New Year, and Happiness is…Self-Education!



I’ve just spent hours reading articles and comments on some amazing sites I’ve found over the past couple of weeks, and it just keeps snowballing!  I think I’ve learned more from my own research on the internet in the past five years alone than I’ve learned in my entire life before that, and this is so exciting!  (Once you’re past tying your shoelaces or finding those super-evolved shoes with no laces, things really start moving quickly.)

Once you get (kicked) out of the mainstream world (my forever-undying thanks for the boot, Main Stream!), you begin to see just how much wonderfulness and creativity and love and sharing and hope there really is out here (notice I didn’t say “there” — that was on purpose).

And once I figure out the hows and etiquettes of sharing what I’ve found, I will.

Well, that was a little anti-climactic.  Sorry.  But I will figure this out.  Because I can’t wait to share everyone else’s wonderfulness!

Okay, I think I’m okay to tell you to look up the sites of âpihtawikosisân (say that three times fast) and Michael Skinner Research.  As I said, Wow.  I so respect their thoughtfulness and focus and depth and heart that I can’t express it, or thank them enough.  And there’s more — there’s always so much more!  Like, e.g., the post I just read on urban apartment composting in NYC — you can find that on today’s Freshly Pressed.

Thank you all, I love you!  I am just so chuffed!  🙂

Yay, humanity!  You go!  I mean, WE go!

Whee…  (No, I haven’t had any caffeine today.  ‘S just…wonderful.  ‘S marvelous too.)

Happy surfing from a happy surfer,

RedChef  xo