Too cool — I posted something!


There!  Feel the fear and do it anyway:  I managed to post something with a link, something with an image, and something with a document.  Now for something borrowed and something blue. And that was while I’m dead tired and have zero experience, and I hardly had to read a bit of the instruction manual to boot — thanks, WordPress (TM)! Plus,  BlueChef just finished making a new batch of whole-wheat shortbread for us, as we gave away all of his first batch while doing the holiday visiting…  How much yummier could my evening be?  Thanks, BlueChef!  (I’d tell him in person but he’s clackety-ing away at the piano with headphones on, doing some doodly-doo’s, as I tell him.  Jazz jazz, in other words.  Almost like being in love, last I heard.) Okay, enough yakkin’.  On to a couple of Lexulous plays and perhaps a Wild Harmony Game before beddy-bye — ’cause we deserve to have some fun in this life, right?!  RIGHT?!?  (Thought you’d see it my way.) Ta-dah! G’night Gracie, RedChef

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