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Apparently this quote is true…


…for me, anyway.

I discovered upon publishing my first post that WordPress puts you in this race with yourself to publish your first five posts, so upon posting that last one, I got a little message that said, “One to go!”.

Along with the following quote, which apparently applies to me in spades — I’m capable of WAY more words than this and am just being nice.  To whom, I’ll never know.

The desire to write grows with writing. — Desiderius Erasmus

Tee hee.  Okay, here you go, WordPress, my fifth post.  And all in one night.  Child’s play.  Y’happy now?  Sheesh.

G’night again.  xo


Internet boy strikes again…


Well.  If I’d known that was how to get his attention, I’d have posted everything I want him to see and remember online.

So I’m telling BlueChef to go look at what I posted and tell me what he thinks, and what does he do but get immersed in examining my calendar in Firefox, when he can just go look on the kitchen wall.  There was one there last year too, dear.  Plus he was with me when I had this one printed, just the other day.

Humans are so cute…  Especially the ones who share your particular fishbowl.

Love you, humans.  Love you, BlueChef.


Too cool — I posted something!


There!  Feel the fear and do it anyway:  I managed to post something with a link, something with an image, and something with a document.  Now for something borrowed and something blue. And that was while I’m dead tired and have zero experience, and I hardly had to read a bit of the instruction manual to boot — thanks, WordPress (TM)! Plus,  BlueChef just finished making a new batch of whole-wheat shortbread for us, as we gave away all of his first batch while doing the holiday visiting…  How much yummier could my evening be?  Thanks, BlueChef!  (I’d tell him in person but he’s clackety-ing away at the piano with headphones on, doing some doodly-doo’s, as I tell him.  Jazz jazz, in other words.  Almost like being in love, last I heard.) Okay, enough yakkin’.  On to a couple of Lexulous plays and perhaps a Wild Harmony Game before beddy-bye — ’cause we deserve to have some fun in this life, right?!  RIGHT?!?  (Thought you’d see it my way.) Ta-dah! G’night Gracie, RedChef

2012 11×17 printable wall calendar – PDF format


Howdy again!

I would like to share a calendar I made for self and friends, so here it is (preview; full PDF download is at the bottom):

I made it myself in WordPerfect, because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted on the internet, so am thinking that other people might be happy to find something like this.  (I’ve just had the same experience with trying to find a pattern for a single-crochet hexagon, and am now working on creating one, so I’ll let you know when I’ve figured out the math and made it look pretty.)

This calendar would be appropriate for English-speaking Ontarians (Canada) who have a lot of family events to keep track of and also want to know about solstices, major Muslim and Jewish observances and other interesting dates you don’t normally find on a preprinted calendar (at least in Ontario).  You’ll be able to tell where I got my information by reading the calendar’s footnotes.  ( is a way cool site, e.g..)

There’s lots of space for notes on each date, and in a column on the left-hand side of the page, as well as mini-calendars for one previous month and two succeeding ones.

How do I print on 11×17 paper?  I don’t; I get our local printer down the street to do it, either in colour or B/W.  Easy.

It comes on 12 separate pages; I clip them all together with two small binder clips and hang them up on small nails in our kitchen, but you can also use hooks, either permanent or removable.  Then I just put last month’s calendar at the back of the pile when the new month arrives, and voilà!  I have a permanent record of what we were doing, what we were making, eating, planting, etc., who was visiting, what the crazy weather was like, and so forth, to file away, so I can prattle on to small children about it all when I’m 80 or so.

2012 Calendar PDF English

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!


Collins Scrabble Checker – Free Language Games – Collins Language


Thought I’d posted this already, but apparently I don’t have the foggiest about how posting works.  Word games fans, check this out:

Collins Scrabble Checker – Free Language Games – Collins Language.

(Hi, BTW, and welcome to our blog.  Such as it is, for now.)  :)

Love and other things that go into good jazz and good soup,